Would You Really Like Hermione Granger to Be Your Friend?

Harry Potter Film Image Would You Really Like Hermione Granger to Be Your Friend?

That 11-year-old girl appears rather unexpectedly in the first book. Well, she just drops into the compartment on the Hogwarts Express, where Harry and Ron are peacefully talking. Actually, she is just helping some Neville find his frog, and that is it. So, she asks them whether they have seen the frog anywhere. Before she realizes that sees the Boy Who Lived and his best future friend. And long before she realizes that she is going to fight the Dark Lord with them.

Would Harry Potter books be so exciting to read if they did not have Hermione Granger? Would Harry Potter movies be so exciting to watch if they did not star Emma Watson? Even if you are not a big fan of this fantastic series, you will definitely say NO. Just because your Harry-Potter-fan friends (you definitely have them) might not stand any other answer.

So, who on earth is this girl? Let’s find out why she is such an important character and what we like about her so much. Here are the most incredible facts about Hermione Granger and her story!

What Is in the Name?

Joanne Rowling had studied lots of different things before she sat and wrote the first book about Harry Potter. She got her inspiration from old myths and legends in order to create a unique world of wizards within the world of people. Not to mention that most of charms and spells take their roots from the Latin language.

Hermione is one of the brightest examples of the author’s groundwork. Although her name is quite unusual and complicated to read, it is actually the derivative of the Greek “Hermes”. Let’s remember Greek mythology: Hermes is a witty cunning god who can transit between different worlds.

Either can Hermione. In the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, she turns out witty enough to find the Time Turner and attend several classes at one and the same time. By the way later, she also saves several innocent lives. Without her help Harry would not meet his godfather and his dad’s best friend Sirius Black.

Books on Windowsill Would You Really Like Hermione Granger to Be Your Friend?

Where Is She From?

JK Rowling’s Hermione was born in England on September 19th, 1979. Her parents were mere mortal dentists. And it looks like they did not mind the fact that their only daughter was destined to become one of the brightest witches.

However, we remember that Lord Voldemort and his adherers are against initiating the children of muggles into the secrets of magic and the wizards’ world. Hermione is just a little mudblood for them. But a few years after the Dark Lord is beaten, this girl will be elected the Minister for Magic.

Hermione Breaks Stereotypes!

She is a very interesting female character. Of course, we should consider her as one of the protagonists. But if we reread the books more carefully, we can notice that she is not a wallflower at all. Not only she can break rules and protect herself, she can even kill if her friends are in danger.

It would be too conceiting to claim that JK Rowling created Hermione to show how strong a girl can and should be. But still this witch can teach us all many great things. Let’s see what we have here!

You Can Become a Wizard Even Though You Are Born a Muggle

Hermione proves that you can and you must go achieve your dream whatever people around you say. She is a mudblood! –  So what? – How does she dare study witchcraft and wizardry? – Well, you see, she dares, and she is better than those guys whose parents are wizards.

Probably, that is the reason why she studies and practices so much. But we can see that all her efforts are put not in vain!

Ideal Students Are Not Grinds

It is difficult to deny the fact that Hermione likes to study. But there are very significant features that make her very different from A-student characters we meet in other books and movies.

She learns and practices many things besides those she must know for a certain class. She reads forbidden books, while some of her undertakings are generally strictly punished according to Hogwarts’s rules. Fortunately, her wise teachers can understand that these undertakings save other wizards’ lives.

And, yes, she likes Quidditch!

Three in One: Bright Witch, Great Friend, Strong Girl

That is who she is! Of course, she has weaknesses and fears. Of course, she does not want to fight. But she accepts the fact that the battle is inevitable and takes her part in it.

She is not an ideal female character, but she is depicted realistically and sincerely. And this is what readers like about her.

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Should Have Married Harry? What?

About three years ago in one of her interviews JK Rowling admitted that she wanted Hermione to marry not Ronald Weasley but Harry Potter. But then the plot line somehow took a different twist, and till these days most readers do expect that Hermione and Ron should stay together.

Whatever the initial plan was, we should thank Joanne Rowling for her wonderful Harry Potter books. Still, they can hardly be those stories the whole world gets absorbed by without Hermione. Partly because without her both Harry and Ron would not survive even the first book.

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