Would You Like to Own a Real Time-Turner from Harry Potter Books?

Sand Clock Would You Like to Own a Real Time Turner from Harry Potter Books?

Alright, there is no need to ask you why you want it. We all have certain reasons to go back to our past and fix it a little. It is another question, however, whether time-traveling is a safe way to change the course of our life.

If we opened a few smart books on logic, we would definitely come across a few time theories and formulas – those brave efforts to reveal the Mystery of mysteries, which do deserve praise and respect. But fiction went much further.

For her Harry Potter series JK Rowling invented the Time-Turner. And that was a quite risky step of hers, as she said in one interview. On the one hand, this gadget really helped her build an exciting wonderful plot for the third part, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But on the other hand, it threatened to spoil the whole story for several very significant reasons.

  • Firstly, the natural question did arise immediately: why Harry and his friends could not go back to the past and kill Lord Voldemort before he murdered Harry’s parents as well as many other wizards.
  • Secondly, JK Rowling’s readers would not be sure whether some of the characters of the first and second books were not the guests “from the future”.
  • Thirdly, there would be no guarantee that in the following books no one, including the Dark Lord, would have a temptation to use the Time-Turner again.

Time-traveling is actually the trickiest magic device an author can insert into the narration. Still, many critics admit that Joanne Rowling managed to make a wise use of it. Her personal clarifications also appeared to be very valuable and didactic, proving that time-turners are not worth the price real world may pay for the changes the use of them can cause.

So, let’s find out what is so curious and dangerous about the Time-Turner!

Child Looking at Clock Would You Like to Own a Real Time Turner from Harry Potter Books?

A Few Things to Remember About the Gadget

In the third part Hermione gets the permission to use the Time-Turner in order to attend several different classes which are scheduled at one and the same time. However, Professor Minerva McGonagall forbids her to tell anyone about it, even Harry and Ron. Hermione reveals her secret herself when she realizes that a quick travel in time can save Sirius’s and Professor Lupin’s lives. In the end she gives her Time-Turner back to enter the school.

Still, it is obvious that the Ministry of Magic could not give the only Time-Turner to the under-age witch. So, in the fifth part the author allows her wizards to smash all, literally all the Time-Turners that are stored in the Department of Mysteries during the battle.

Except for the one that will be created later by Theodore Nott, who works for Lucius Malfoy, and stolen by Harry’s and Draco’s sons in the book The Cursed Child.

So, the story is quite complicated, but hope you have caught the main idea.

Witchcraft school Would You Like to Own a Real Time Turner from Harry Potter Books?

Instructions for Safe Magic Use

As any other real-life and magic gadget, the Time-Turner should be used according to the whole set of strict instructions. By the way, the very remarkable thing about these instructions is that they are extremely wisely-thought. Let’s check them together and decide what is so vitally essential about each of them.

1. When you travel to the past you should not meet yourself

Otherwise, you will simply go mad. To be more precise, when you are back in time, you must do everything possible (and impossible) in order not to allow your doppelganger see real you. Why can it be dangerous?

That past you might not be able to resist the temptation to ask what can happen. Are real you ready to tell it? Is it really necessary? JK Rowling’s characters believe it is not.

2. Make sure you come back to the place and time from which you “depart”

This is a very important guideline. If after your time-trip you find yourself in the place and time where you started it, then everything is fine and your trip is successful. On the contrary, if you somehow got into an absolutely different place, it means that something went wrong and that you might have broken some laws of Time.

3. Remember that changes can be made only to one situation. Not to the entire history

This the wisest and truest thing about the whole story of the Time-Turner. And this is the reason why we can go without this gadget in our real life. You can change only one element in the whole chain of events. But the power of Time is so strong that it will keep the following element as it is anyway.

So, probably, even if Harry tried to return to the past, fight Voldemort and save his parents, he would not have prevented the Dark Lord’s resurrection. What must be, must be. That is the truth we have to put up with.

Instead of Conclusions

The news will not tell us that some specially assigned scientist has invented the thing which has the same functions as JK Rowling’s Time-Turner. But just imagine for a moment what a powerful weapon it can become! Isn’t it better to try to change the future instead of raking over the past?

By the way, you can always order a very stylish Time-Turner with Amazon! It looks like it can suit any outfit. Seriously.

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