Meet Our Team: About Us and Our Brainchild

Many Hands Holding One Another Meet Our Team: About Us and Our Brainchild

The eventual launch of Freedomwriting Blog has become the result of large-scale work, which took several months, two dozen of professionals, as well as tons of enthusiasm. Now here it is! And we are extremely happy to introduce it to you.

We hope you will find a lot of compelling and helpful things which will stand you in a good stead on the way to your great aspirations. Our team wish you good luck and believe you will achieve everything you want.

Let us tell you our story of success and share some considerations regarding this rather mysterious notion. So that you could avoid the shortcomings we had to face and knew for sure how to deal with possible difficulties. Here we go!

Preface. Our Life Before This Project

Behind the walls of the apartment we are renting now to work on this and some other common projects, we are quite plain guys. We hold master degrees and Ph.D. in many sciences, which currently helps us cover a very large variety of topics and come up with original ideas.

Before we started working together, most of us were either freelancers or volunteers who participated in different promising start-ups and budding undertakings. So, again our common experience in launching projects from very scratch helped us achieve what we have today.

The story about how and why on earth we met each other could fit a voluminous book. But we will try to tell it as briefly as possible below.

Laptop at Cafe Meet Our Team: About Us and Our Brainchild

Act 1. First Came the Bloggers

Today these three guys are the project managers, who also run personal blogs and give business writing consultations. Still, they started as amateurs, who filled their college websites with content. Their first initiatives concerned blogs for students, but later they turned to wider audience.

Act 2. It Is Good When a Friend of Your Friend Is a Web-Designer

While it is even better when a friend of this web-designer is a marketing specialist. And it is just perfect when a friend of this marketing specialist is a freelancing editor. So, can you see the point? Here is how our team grew bigger, stronger, and more creative.

Act 3. When Everything Goes Awry

One of our writers once said that one could never know what was success until one failed. One of our first common start-ups did not meet our expectations: we did not win the award we counted on very much. That halted our work and made us fix our oversights for more than one month.

Act 4. Light at the End of the Tunnel

We realized we had to learn a lot. We read a lot, consulted with more experienced bloggers, and continued catching up with side projects. We endured heavy brainstormings and even arguments. But in them we found remedies and solutions.

Final Act. Present Time

The prospects of the work on this blog inspire and encourage us. We are glad to know that we can share our knowledge and skills with everybody who is looking for fresh suggestions, effective solutions, new info, and friendly advice.

Freedomwriting Blog is for you! Feel free to join us! And enjoy your time!