Healthy Life Style: Essay Sample

Green Apple Healthy Life Style: Essay Sample

We never think about our health at the times we are not sick. It is only when we notice our running nose we think about a previous day when we were outside without a hat or gloves: think and regret. Each our action today determines how our life will look like in the nearest and more distant future. That is why it is rather smart to think through every activity and make it valuable and useful. In this paper we will learn the basics of healthy life, which will become a background for every other activity of ours.

A person may want to be an astronaut, or a journalist, or a painter and not always the occupation they choose demands good physical form. Nevertheless, if one has a headache or stomachache, are they able to write, read or even talk to someone? No, nobody is ready for such activities feeling so uncomfortable.

In case a person wants to lead a healthy life they should define what they mean by it. Someone thinks that it is simply never eating fast food again. Others understand it as never-ending sport trainings and fruits for breakfast. Those people are all right in some way but one needs something more precise and practical.

Firstly, one should remember that healthy life is not a synonym of boring life as they may think before starting improving the quality of their own life. We are not some government organization with laws and punishments. Everything that is needed is love yourself and want to take care of yourself.

Vegetables on Plate Healthy Life Style: Essay Sample

Secondly, one has to think about what they eat. The perfect way to do this is to find out how many grams of proteins, carbohydrates and fats you will get from any meal.

The best choice for anyone would be to include a lot of vegetables, fruits and proteins. Proteins are preferred to be included almost in every meal. Seeds, beans, meat, fish, milk products and soya products contain high percentage of proteins. Vegetables can be eaten whenever a person wants because they are in general very good for health. Fruits are nutritious, as well, but they have natural sugar called fructose in them, which is not so good if eaten in big amounts. That is why it is preferable to eat fruits in the first half of the day.

The third step to health is water. It is a good habit to drink water every morning after waking up: not only it is the preferred way to start a day for our body, but a person will not want to go back to sleep anymore. Sometimes in the situations we feel hungry it will be better to have some water, as well, as we might misinterpret the signal of the body.

Morning Run Healthy Life Style: Essay Sample

To move forward in the healthcare one should remember about sport. It does not mean that one should work out as hard as professional sportsmen but in order to be in good health and high spirits we should provide sport a place in our life. It can be just a short easy workout in the morning or even walks. If a person has a habit to walk a lot during the day it may be enough for their general condition. As well, it is very important to find the perfect way to workout bearing in mind that one does not have to listen to certain generalized advices because each person is unique.

It is not all one should do to remain healthy and young. Sport and food are not the only things to be considered. There is a number of questions one should ask. How much do I sleep? When do I wake up? What do I feel when I wake up? Answer to those questions may let one see if there are some troubles with their sleeping schedule and may enlighten the problems with it. There is no one rule for how one should sleep. There is no need to sleep eight hours if one can recharge their energy in less time. It takes one experiment for a person to know how many hours they need to feel energetic and happy in the morning.

Morning Sun Healthy Life Style: Essay Sample

The last crucial point in becoming healthier is analyzing the surrounding. It may mean the city a person lives in, as well as the people who surround them every day. In case either always irritated or sad people surround a person, something should be changed. The problem is that those people have a certain influence on the person, threatening to damage their quality of live or even health. When all one hears during the day is bad news and they have to evidence quarrels often, there is hardly a way to end up in high spirits in the evening.

An effective weapon to fight negative energy is to smile, as that can change the mood of the person and better their life. It takes tensing much less muscles to smile than to frown, and it is a fact acknowledged in psychology that when a person smiles, the brain receives a signal that this person is happy, and the mood gets better a few minutes after.

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