Composing an Essay

Student Writing Essay Composing an Essay

Firstly, such skill as essay writing is vital in our world not only because it is required at schools, universities and for different careers, but also because it allows you to express all your thoughts in written form and make a positive impression on other people. Composing it is not as easy as it might seem, as there are many pitfalls waiting for you. However, you should not worry, as we are going to deal with them below.


At the beginning of the preparation process it is vital to pay attention to the following questions:

  1. When discussing your personal features or qualities, ask yourself:
  • What is a particular feature I possess that makes me unique?
  • How does this quality work for me in my life? In which circumstances?
  1. When you mention activities you do or did in your life, ask yourself:
  • What made me do or like this type of activity so much?
  • Why did I continue doing it?
  1. While mentioning some events of your life, ask yourself:
  • Why do I remember this particular event so much?
  • Did it bring any difference to my life or change my character?
  • How did I react to that?
  • Was it something I had never experienced before in my whole life?
  1. While mentioning some people in your essay, ask yourself:
  • Why do I want to mention him/ her?
  • Am I struggling to become the same person?
  • Which of his/ her qualities inspire me?
  • Did he/she say something I would remember for the rest of my life?
  • Did I change my view because of this person?
  1. If you describe some failures in your life, ask yourself:
  • What did I learn from this lesson?
  • If it happens to me once again, how will I act?

Essay Checking

It is significant to check the first draft or paper you have, as you can develop the arguments in it, express all basic opinions and put them in a strict order. Also, you can accompany them with illustrative materials or ancillary data. You can write down the first version of an essay, give yourself a day or two to rest and then return back to work and check if anything should be improved.

Applying for a Job

In case you need to write an essay to apply for a specific position, make sure you do the following:

  • Firstly, you should demonstrate a great desire to build your career in a certain sphere.
  • Secondly, it is better to include 1-3 strong features of your character which make you different from others.
  • Thirdly, give an employer at least one weighty reason why he or she should prefer you and not others.

Communication and Writing Skills

Communication Between People Composing an Essay

Any essay is intended to test your ability to express your thoughts as well as checks your writing skills in general. At the same time, your essay should not characterize you as a future writer. You are a future leader, manager etc. In order to achieve success in business or any other sphere of life, you should learn how to present your thoughts in written form.

The Image of a Real Person

The expert commission or the employers who will read your essay want to understand or see the image of a person who wrote it. It is not only about test results, experience and character. So, don’t miss the chance to tell something good about yourself. But don’t lie or overestimate your abilities in an essay.

Individual Approach

This abstract is connected to the previous one, as the only way to make the commission or employer see your personality through the paper is to add something individual and unique. Your essay will immediately become more appealing and attractive, as well as will help you stand out among hundreds of other applicants. Never use general phrases or templates to write it, as it should be personalized. You may agree that reading boring texts is just a waste of time.


When writing an essay, you should refer to your previous experiences in order to prove some facts of your life. Such details will make your essay sound unique. You should not be afraid to go beyond boundaries and joke in order to make your essay outstanding. Sometimes in order to make the right impression people remove everything that could make them look perfect. Do not try to stay on a safe side.

So, before writing your essay, look through all the mentioned pieces of advice. They will save you from pitfalls. Before submitting, read your essay one more time to make sure it is readable, honest and unique.

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