How to Feel Free When You Are Writing: Let’s Consider the Details

Two Hands with Puzzle Pieces How to Feel Free When You Are Writing: Let’s Consider the Details

Where do you get your inspiration from? The author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote, preferred to lie horizontally on his bed, with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other one. Some great authors created immortal literary works while in their underwear. Ernest Hemingway applied stronger methods, making himself write no less and no more than 500 words per one day.

So, what would you choose? On many essay writing services and blogs you can discover numerous recommendations for how to train your creativity, generate fresh thoughts, manage your time, and the like. But would any of them advise you to work in clutter? For example, Virginia Woolf was convinced that every writer should have a personal space, however messy it was.

Nevertheless, what is going to be better for you personally? All those universal tips and tricks, provided by the mighty Internet, may simply ruin the uniqueness of your style and way of thinking. On the other hand, you definitely cannot go and get some coffee or rustle a chocolate wrapper “to inspire yourself” when you are writing an exam essay, right?

Let’s find the compromise together in our blog!

Creative Clutter How to Feel Free When You Are Writing: Let’s Consider the Details

Dig Deeper into the Essence of Different Writing Genres

Although generalization is not the best approach to the writing, it can help us determine the main spheres of modern writer’s interest. Basing on the ideas listed below, we are going to move in multiple directions in order to look at such activity from different angles and see what is so special about it.

  • What we generally call fiction: we are going to make out how worldwide known books gain their fame, and hence how you can become a popular author.
  • Essays: what we mean is not a short story but a type of academic writing. Still, it goes far beyond school and college walls. You will learn a lot about its style, formats, and other features.
  • Business: before your employer or partner sees you, they usually receive a resume or letter from you. Do you want to make a good impression? We will tell you how!
  • Journalism: a freelancing journalist is not a weird word combination anymore. It is your chance to realize why you can do it and learn what you need for it!
  • Advertising: if you are looking for an effective way of presenting your product or service, you are in the right place to find new and bright solutions.
  • Web content and blogging: adapt to the conditions created by the World Wide Web and learn to create them yourself with the professional advice from our experienced content managers!

Know How Writing Is Tested

We are going to pay particular attention to various language tests which check your writing skills. Catch effective tips to prepare yourself to any challenges and feel confident about your success!

Learn to Care About Your Creative Self

We are going to talk not about healthy lifestyle. History of literature proves that most authors did not stick to it that eagerly. If they wanted to work at night, no doctors could prevent them from it.

Nevertheless, if we take something less romantic than a poem or novel, your college essay for example, then the lack of sleep can reflect on its quality. So, again we are going to look for healthy and helpful methods which will keep you safe and sound, without disturbing your creativity.

Deepen and Widen Your Knowledge

Classic language rules and standard essentials of writing are not enough to come up with a brand-new thing. Live and learn with our blog to broaden your horizons, analyze the latest news, and become a widely-read author!

Find out More About Freewriting and Its Benefit

We practice this technique and recommend it not only for budding writers, but also for everyone who is seeking the way to express their thoughts and feelings.

Free writing implies that you take a piece of paper or create a new document in Word and just write anything that is coming to your mind at the moment. It helps pour out negative emotions, find the main narrative thread, and identify the strengths of individual style.

Think About Your Career

As you have noticed, writing activity is now associated with many spheres, and not just with fiction, journalism and science. Let’s consider which career opportunities you have if you are sure of your talent!

Kite in the Sky How to Feel Free When You Are Writing: Let’s Consider the Details

Set Your Writing Free with!

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